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Dental Root Canal

ROOT CANAL THERAPY – Tooth Saving Procedures

     At Sea Smile International Dental Clinic, we believe that nothing is as good as your natural teeth. We also believe that not even the most advanced replacement concepts like dental bridges or dental implants can truly replace your natural teeth; thus, saving a natural tooth is our preferred choice whenever dental care is required.

     Our team of endodontists, dentists who specializes in procedures involving the inner tissues of a tooth (pulp), are very determined and well experienced in saving even your most severely-injured tooth, with an endodontic treatment, which is commonly known as a Root Canal Therapy.

     A natural tooth is meant to last a lifetime. However, damage may occur to it, often due to decay or an injury that causes it to crack or break, and the inner structure becomes infected. This infection eventually damages the “pulp” of the tooth – the soft inner tissues comprising of a network of blood vessels and nerves within. When left untreated, like any other infection, the pulp’s infection will spread and equally damage the bone surrounding the tooth and will likely cause swelling and pain. Traditionally, the only way to get rid of the swelling and pain caused by an infected pulp/nerve is extraction – and that means losing your natural tooth, so technically, there’s no way to save it…not until an endodontic treatment was introduced.

     An Endodontic Treatment or Root Canal Therapy is performed by a dental specialist called an endodontist to save and restore your natural tooth’s function and appearance just like any other tooth for the rest of your life. The treatment consists of opening the infected tooth, removal of the damaged pulp, disinfecting, contouring, filling, and finally, sealing the treated tooth. You may be put under anaesthesia or mild sedation before the procedure starts, depending upon how infected your injured tooth is.

dental clinic patong STEP-BY-STEP PROCEDURES

  1. The procedure starts with your dentist numbing the infected tooth and areas around it. Using an endodontic drill, an opening is made crown of the tooth to expose the pulp chamber or “canals.”

  2. Special tools and files are used to extract the unhealthy pulp as well as to clean the infection out of the canals. The canals are then enlarged and reshaped while simultaneously being measured in precision by x-ray or electronic imaging devices to properly prepare them to receive the filling material. A technique called “irrigation” is also used to help remove debris from the canals.

  3. The canals are then stuffed with gutta-percha, a permanent filling material which will keep the canals free from contamination or possible infection.

  4. The next step is rebuilding the tooth. Once the canals are filled with gutta-percha, a layer of temporary filling is placed on top to seal the opening and remains in there for a month or less. When there is no sign of infection after the one-month period, the temporary filling material is replaced with a permanent dental filling or a dental crown.

  5. A dental crown is ideally preferred to increase the longevity of the root canal- treated tooth, as a crown can cover and protect it from undue stress.

  6. In some cases, a “post” may be placed inside the root next to the gutta-percha for additional support and reinforcing the dental crown, most especially if the tooth has sustained extensive damage from decay or injury.

  7. The final step involves the finishing touches to your newly restored tooth. The dental crown will be cemented in place and/or dental fillings are reshaped accordingly to properly blend with your full set of teeth.


Preserving your natural tooth is our commitment at Sea Smile International Dental Clinic. We’ll do everything possible to save your tooth, no matter how severely injured your tooth may be, with extraction procedures and replacement as the last thing on our list. Suffice to say, nothing is as good as what has nature have provided you with – your natural tooth.



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