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Dental Immediate Implants


     “Immediate” has been a common buzzword in the world of implant dentistry recently. More and more people demand immediate indulgence nowadays, and implant dentistry has not been immune to such a demand, but instead has responded to the situation with Immediate Placement after Extraction followed by Immediate Loading of the final dental restoration.
At Sea Smile International Dental Clinic, we strive hard to cope with the situation as well. We passionately adhere ourselves with the most modern advancements when it comes to restoring your smile…Immediately! Thus we are proud to offer these latest technological breakthroughs in implant dentistry.

     A Single-Stage Implant is one of the surgical advances that we offer at Sea Smile International Dental Clinic. Utilizing the most recent advances in implant dentistry, our prosthodontists and oral surgeons are capable of placing these advanced implant units wherein the healing abutments/caps are placed at the same time the units are inserted, avoiding a secondary surgical procedure after the healing period. After adequate osseointegration is achieved (fusing of implant unit to your bone), the next procedure would just involve the simple removal the healing cap and directly placing the final abutment on top of the implant unit, and in as little as a few days time to a maximum of two weeks, your final restorations (dental crown/bridge) can be put in place.

     Another surgical advancement that we can confidently provide you with is the Immediate Implant-Placement right after a Tooth Extraction Procedure. This furtherance in implant dentistry allows us to aptly place an implant unit at the same time as your tooth is extraction – further cutting-down the number of visits and procedures for your dental implant treatment.
Traditional procedures usually require 3 months of adequate healing period prior to implant unit placement. With the Immediate Implant-Placement procedure, the extraction procedure and implant unit placement are combined in a single appointment; hence, bringing you closer to bringing back your smile in a shorter span of time.

     “Immediate-loading” is a sizzling topic in the world of implant dentistry nowadays. More and more patients demand a shorter timeframe for their Dental Implant Treatment to be able to get back to their normal lifestyle immediately. Conventional dental implants, along with their procedures, commonly involves waiting for at least three long months (even up to six months) after the implant unit is placed and before the final abutment and prosthetic (the dental crown/bridge) is attached. This often leaves you to being without teeth or at least a removable temporary prosthetic, within the long healing period.
With the emergence of NobelSpeedy™ Groovy immediate-loading implants by Nobel Biocare®, a world-class pioneer in implant dentistry innovation, this ever-growing “immediate” demand has finally won an ideal solution. Sea Smile International Dental Clinic expertly harnesses this breakthrough in implant material technology, not only to provide a time-efficient solution, but also to establish a solid foundation for a tooth-replacement treatment that perfectly matches the look, the feel, and of course, the functionality of your natural teeth – Immediately!

The remarkable distinction is in the GROOVES and TiUNITE®
     The success behind NobelSpeedy™ Groovy dental implants lies on its structural and material design. The grooves on the threads and collar of the implant screw allow faster bone formation due to increased osseo-(bone) conductivity while producing a convenient guiding effect of the bone-forming cells. This generates up to 30% gain in stability from the interlocking qualities produced by the formation of bones within the grooves, perfect for immediate-loading indications.

     TiUnite® is another key factor to the success of NobelSpeedy™ Groovy implant units, in fact, all of Nobel Biocare® implant units are now coated with this superb surface texture. By proliferating titanium oxide layer thickness while controlling its texture & porosity, TiUnite® features great stability while significantly shortening healing times. Moreover, increasing the surface roughness further enhanced the implant unit’s rate of osseointegration, aiding the ability to absorb proteins and maximizing its bio-compatibility.

     Don’t have enough bone for dental implants? Not comfortable with bone-grafting surgery? Then worry no more; a revolutionary technique that features immediate-loading compliance while eliminating the need for bone-grafting procedures is available here at Sea Smile International Dental Clinic. ZYGOMATIC DENTAL IMPLANTS – The ultimate choice for severe bone loss conditions on the maxilla (upper jaw).

     Traditional dental implant procedures requires sufficient bone quality and quantity for a successful end-result, and so the only option to undergo a bone-grafting surgery and/or sinus-lift procedure prior to your implant unit placement. If you have insufficient bone structure condition, may it be from tooth loss or gum disease and still want to replace your teeth on your upper jaws with immediate-loading procedures; then the Zygomatic Implant System is your ultimate solution. 

     The Zygomatic Implant System features a unique implant placement technique that utilizes 2 (two) hybrid-designed extended implant units (up to 45 mm longer) that are directly embedded in your cheekbones and simultaneously bypassing the sinuses. The cheekbones (which are medically referred to as the Zygoma) have enough bone to support the specially designed implants and are fittingly supported by either 2 or 4 other regular implant units to establish a superior foundation for the implant-supported dental bridge or full arch denture. The system also presents a suitable alternative if you wish to avoid invasive bone-grafting or sinus lift surgeries and still avail the advantages of dental implants.

     Furthermore, this revolutionary approach can possibly be carried out with a non-invasive procedure. With the powerful headway of 3D CT-Scan (computerized tomography scan), your jaw structure can produce a template for a guided-surgical placement of the implants. Upon anchoring the implant units on your cheekbones and upper jaw, a provisional prosthetic can already be attached until the your final restorations are ready. Now what can be more “immediate” than that?

     A common misconception about dental implants is that they require multiple visits to your dentist and long healing times before you can resume your usual lifestyle.

     Not anymore. Gone are numerous visits and waiting periods. Only new teeth, Immediately! A revolutionary method is now available which allows you to have your teeth replaced in a single hour – with Nobel Biocare’s recent technological breakthrough TEETH-IN-AN-HOUR™ Concept.

     If you have missing tooth/teeth and want it replaced immediately, contact us now for a free online evaluation and consultation in which we will be able to determine your candidacy for this new amazing concept, which provides the following benefits:

dental clinic patong Impressive Accuracy of Implant Unit Placement
dental clinic patong Minimal Dental Visits
dental clinic patong Nominal Discomfort & Swelling; in some cases even none
dental clinic patong Resume Normal Activities the Next Day

     The TEETH-IN-AN-HOUR™ procedure is carried out using a CAT scan (computer-aided tomography) that is taken from your jawbone. This paves the way for us to generate a three-dimensional (3D) model of your jawbone alongside its vital information which will be utilized by our virtual reality software to plan the implant unit placement on their most optimal location, even without your presence. This yields a more precise implant unit placement, and less chair-time inside our clinic.

     The computer-guided implant placement obtains not only safety but a predictable outcome as well. In addition, the fabrication of your final prosthetic (dental crown/bridge/full denture) can be accomplished even before your surgical procedure. And since the concept is carried out in an arthroscopic method without any flap indication, you would be experiencing less post-operative discomfort and swelling/bruising. You can go back to your active lifestyle the following day.


     Advancement in implant dentistry now allows individuals who previously can’t avail of dental implants due to poor bone quality and quantity, the financial consideration of having multiple implants units to support a dental bridge or full denture.

     Fortunately, implant and restorative dentistry have developed rapidly that we can now replace missing teeth (even a full jaw) using in as few as four dental implant units. This continued research, amelioration of diagnostic tools, and innovative procedures resulted in yet another upswing in dental implant technology – the ALL-ON-4® Implant Treatment.

     The ALL-ON-4® treatment can only be made possible with a profound team-coordination of our highly trained dental professionals including oral surgeons, prosthodontists, and lab technicians. At Sea Smile International Dental Clinic, our team are highly-skilled and well-experienced with all of the ALL-ON-4® treatment procedures. In fact, we highly recommend the treatment because our success rates are at average high of close to 100% (95-98%) for both the implant units and prosthetic fixtures.

dental clinic patong DETAILED EVALUATION – The innovative treatment starts with our dentist gathering information your existing condition. Various factors will be determined whether you still have natural teeth or if you are presently wearing dentures. Other vital records will be gathered like how long your replacement teeth should be, your occlusion or bite status, and how much lips and facial features support is required.

dental clinic patong ADVANCED DIAGNOSTICS – State-of-the-art computerized tomography scans (CT Scans) will produce 3D slides of your jawbone, including the precise position of the teeth to be replaced. Crucial and detailed anatomical structures (bone, sinuses, and nerves) as well as the optimal location for the implant units will also be provided by the CT scan.

dental clinic patong COMPUTERIZED PLANNING – Utilizing the power of computer software simulation, the implants units are digitally positioned in their most appropriate areas to obtain maximum strength and stability while providing optimal support for the prosthetic/replacement teeth. This might involve a fabrication of a surgical template guide if deemed necessary.

dental clinic patongPRECISION SURGERY – The ALL-ON-4® procedures allows for your surgery to done simultaneously, including tooth extractions (if any), bone-shaping, and implant unit placement. Both of your dentist’s and oral surgeon’s skills, experience, and meticulous coordination are the key elements for a very precise and predictable outcome of this process, particularly if you have had a significant bone loss condition.

dental clinic patong TEMPORARY PROSTHETIC – After successfully placing the implant units, temporary replacement teeth, usually made of acrylic material, will be attached on top of the implant units via connectors known as Abutments that allows the prosthetic a sturdy attachment to the embedded implants. These temporary teeth are provided to facilitate your initial healing as well as not having to be without teeth upon leaving our clinic; they will soon be replaced with your final prosthetic (a dental bridge or full arch denture).

dental clinic patong HEALING & FINAL FITTING – The temporary prosthetic stays in your mouth for approximately 3 months or until healing is completed. It would be a good idea to avoid biting on tough or chewy foods until your final dental bridge or full denture is properly attached. The final procedure will primarily involve the placement of your “new teeth” wherein right after you can eat the foods you like and go back to your active lifestyle.



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