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     Healthy gums brings about a healthy mouth; moreover, a healthy you. Gums are actually the gateway to the overall health of our body, which of course our teeth. In as much as you give your best efforts to achieve those sparkling white teeth, they might just easily fall off if you disregard your gums’ health. In fact, both medical and dental research continuously shows significant links between the health of our gums and the health of our entire bodies. As Sea Smile Dental Clinic, we’re totally committed to provide you with the latest and best treatments to promote and maintain healthy gums for a healthy you.

     PERIODONTAL DISEASE – What is it?
     The truth of the fact is, periodontal means “around the tooth,” so it literally refers to our gums. Periodontal or gum diseases are not to be taken for granted. They are perilous infections affecting the gum tissues and supporting bones around your teeth. Without proper treatment, gum disease eventually results to tooth loss. The disease is commonly slow and painlessly progressive. Most adults are even unaware that they have it.

     The main culprit of gum disease is the accumulation of plaque, a mass of bacteria which is often colourless that adheres to your teeth and other tissues inside the mouth. Bacterial plaque can irritate the gums and cause redness, tenderness, and swelling. With due negligence, the accumulation of plaque eventually forms into an adhesively hard substance known as tartar, in which brushing and flossing won’t be able to remove. Unless otherwise manually removed by your dentist or oral hygienist, the tissues surrounding the teeth are damaged by the plaque and the gums will begin to form “periodontal pockets.” Plaque and other forms of bacteria will continue to confine and fill these pockets until the jawbone supporting your teeth is equally damaged.

     To make matters worse, certain factors like smoking tobacco, medication intake, other diseases (diabetes, leukaemia, AIDS), or stress can modify your gums’ reaction to the plaque; thereby altering your biological response to the disease which would directly affect your overall health.


     Healthy gums are coral pink in color, fits the teeth snugly, and no bleeding occurs during cleaning or brushing. On other hand, a periodontal or gum disease may show symptoms variably according to its corresponding stage. The three stages of gum disease are as follows:


dental clinic patong GINGIVITIS – The earliest stage of a gum disease is known as gingivitis. The inflammation or infection caused by the bacterial plaque is accumulated at the gum-line. This plaque accumulation produces toxins which can continuously irritate the gum tissue and would eventually lead to some bleeding while brushing or flossing your teeth. Damage is reversible at this early stage of the disease, since the bone and gum tissues holding your teeth in place are not yet affected.

dental clinic patong PERIODONTITIS – At this following stage of gum disease, the bone and gum tissues holding your teeth begin to deteriorate. “Periodontal Pockets” which traps food and plaque begin to form below your gum-line which would eventually cause severe inflammation or infection. A visit to your dentist and an improved oral care at home is highly recommended to prevent further damage or progression to the advanced stage.

dental clinic patong ADVANCED PERIODONTITIS – In this final and advanced stage of the disease, the bone and gum tissues supporting your teeth are totally damaged, which can cause your teeth to loosen, shift (tooth mobility), or simply fall out. This can significantly affect your occlusion (bite), while unpleasant fistulas (boils) and pus may develop as well; furthermore, bone loss will continuously occur. Professional and aggressive treatment might be able to save your teeth, but chances would be that they have to be extracted.


     The earliest stage of the disease can often be nullified with appropriate brushing and flossing. Maintaining good oral hygiene keeps bacterial plaque from accumulating on your teeth and surrounding gums. The following and final stage of the gum disease requires a dental visit for professional treatment. At Sea Smile International Dental Clinic, our periodontists and oral hygienists can expertly treat and maintain your gums to be in perfect shape and condition so you can showcase your best smile ever.

     Scaling, or otherwise known as Deep Cleaning, is the only way to get rid of accumulated plaque that has hardened into tartar. This procedure involves thorough cleaning above & below your gum-line, including your teeth down to their very roots. This is achieved by breaking down the plaque into pieces and subsequently washed away to initiate supporting bone and gum tissue healing. Root Planing is another effective procedure that gets rid of gum disease before it becomes worse. It primarily involves smoothening irregularities on the roots of your teeth, which makes it more difficult for plaque to adhere and accumulate beneath.


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