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Dental Gum Recontouring


     A “gummy smile” can actually ruin lest it even prevents you from projecting one. Resulting from a natural overgrowth of gum tissues, they become so prominent that more often than not, they simply standout to other people noticing your smile. Your teeth seem to look smaller with a gummy smile, but in reality, it’s your over-grown gum tissues that are stealing the limelight away from your teeth.

An uneven gumline can equally ruin your good smile, no matter how straight or white your teeth may be.

At Sea Smile International Dental Clinic, we can competently transform your smile with our Gum Recontouring/Reshaping procedure. We use modern-day laser surgery to efficiently carry out the procedure which primarily involves trimming the small amounts excess gum tissues, artistically focusing on the edges of the gums that basically forge your smile. We then carefully seal the blood vessels along the trimmed gums to promote quick healing and less discomfort to you.

     With our advocacy and commitment to provide the best treatment options to promote healthy smiles, we adhere to the latest most advanced techniques in gum treatment and recountouring/reshaping technology. Your oral health is very important to us as it is to you, and we believe that taking care of your oral health is a “must” in order to protrude a great smile. Your smile can indeed be a good indicator of your overall health and wellness, and we at Sea Smile International Dental Clinic are determined to help you achieve that best smile ever.



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